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Yvonne studied Fashion & Textiles at Manchester and Leicester, and has worked in this sector most of her career; in industry, private practice, free­lance and teaching. Although her major obsession is felting, she also embraces other textile arts including creative embroidery, weaving, knitting, silk painting, costume design and rag-rugging.  She enjoys drawing on elements of these crafts to realise her ideas, thus producing individual wearable and non-wearable art.

“Feltmaking is so exciting and versatile – it can be light and delicate, painterly or structured and solid.  Wherever the imagination roams, those images can be translated into felt”

masham.hoggs.medDuring the 90’s Yvonne ran a flock of Masham sheep (Photo shows hoggets about to join the breeding flock).  Although farming was tiring work she enjoyed the variety of tasks on the shepherds’ calendar, especially lambing.  The exhaustion of regular checks in the ‘maternity’ shed, complicated deliveries and bottle feeding pet lambs was however rewarded when strong, healthy lambs frolicked on the spring grass.  lamb.race.med

Their favourite game was to jump onto and off a tree stump in the home field, then race off before suddenly changing direction and starting over again!  Sadly, this period was before she discovered feltmaking, so she never had the opportunity of making anything from her own wool.